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Our contact page supports multiple channels of communication:
Free Quote: Fill in a few details about your project to get a free quote and turnaround options.
Call Back Facility: Get the best experience with our human customer agents receiving and sending immediate messages on a Live Chat.
24 x 7 Toll Free Helpline: : Connect with us through live chats for your questions.
Toll-Free Hot-lines: Find here the client care hotlines of three continents outspread on a network made of many branches.

We’ve partnered with leading payment processing brands to support online billing transactions with multiple channels such as e-wallets, pre-paid cards, debit cards, cheques, bank transfers, MasterCard, Discover and much more.

Non-profit organizations include entities founded on a humane or philanthropic course. To get the exclusive discount for NGOs, submit the iTax exclusion number as you load on files.

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Social Advocacy Foundations
  • Trust Entities
  • Professional Associations
  • Veteran Foundations
  • The force behind our exemplary services derives from a coordinative network of handpicked transcribers. We recruit transcribers with distinguished traits such as high-speed typing, accuracy and professional ethics. Our team runs the fastest turnarounds on the planet.

    Our Customer Desk’s timeless care ensures you get help 24/7 whenever and wherever you need it.

    Rates & Services

    We’re renowned in the industry for our fixed flat rate capped at $0.99/minute which goes below prevailing market prices. Additionally, we can time-stamp or produce verbatim transcripts for merely $0.25.

    A BIG YES. We have a wealth of discount packages available for bulk orders. It’s only at our platform you’ll find the lowest net price for mountainous orders. Load on your files to unlock you discounts!

    We know that the English “bubble” has burst. This is why our multilingual transcription covers a long line of languages spoken across the globe to help you reach out any conceivable prospective customer.

    Our team of transcribers is habituated in rendering transcriptions for multi-speaker files. What’s more, we’ve the most impressive pro rata rate ($0.99/minute) for this class of materials.

    Absolutely. We offer verbatim or word-for-word transcription for insurance companies, investigators, law firms, businesses and others. Our verbatim transcription goes for as low as $0.25/min and captures filler words, stutters and stammers.

    Ordering & Delivery

    It’s ultra-quick, stash all your project files on our serve, get a free quote and then pay to get the ball in our court. A final transcript honed into your special needs awaits you in hours.

    With our wealth of technological tools, we can transcribe analogue microcassettes and dictation recordings impeccably. You can order for a customized format or any of the available file extensions like AVI, AIF, MP4 or FLV among others.

    Each project is handled by multiple transcribers and cross-checked by senior editors with domain expertise. We’ve banded together top experts from every field to meet varying needs.

    1. Do you offer Typing services in other languages?

    Are you encumbered by unruly deadlines or cut-off contracts? We place you ahead of time with our pace turnaround time-frames:

  • 1 Hour Files-24 Hours
  • 2 Hours Files-2 to 3 Working Days
  • 3 Hours File-3 to 4 Working Days
  • 4 Hours File-4-to-5 Working Days
  • 4 Hour + Files-Contact our customer support team for guidelines
  • Load your files on our secure vaults to get started Alternatively, you can convey project files via Drop Box via our address- Equally talk to our customer support agents 24/7 through Live Chats online, fill in an immediate call back form or dial toll free helpline numbers.

    Quality Control & Privacy:

    If you entrust us your transcriptions, expect our team of transcribers to be bashing away at your task all day and night. Our transcription process integrates multi-tier quality control and proof-listening. This ensures the final product reads flawlessly, accurately and fully customized.

    To block unauthorized access to client files and data, we’ve put in place safety and risk assessment methods in our facilities. Our server network is shielded with revolutionary encryption technology and a stringent non-disclosure agreement.

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