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Which is Better Audio Transcription: Human or Machine Transcription

First of all, each of the two options have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, over the years people have the freedom to decide between the two options. Nevertheless, in terms of higher accuracy or better quality audio transcription the human transcription is considered as the best by many people who tried both methods of getting their files transcribed.

Audio transcription companies prefer to provide human transcription services especially for Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and French audio transcription because they can hire highly-skilled individuals to make up a team of excellent transcribers. Moreover, the quality of the work they provide is extremely appreciated which can also help them promote their company.

How to avoid human transcription errors?

Audio transcription and Transcription Services Guidelines  Definitely, looking for the best and having a good reputation transcription services need to be in consideration. This can be identified through word of the mouth or through internet. russian transcription A company of great service is actually not hard to find since this can be heard from someone close to you like family, friends, or even officemates.

In terms of transcription rates it depends on the factors like rush jobs vs. Non-rush; audio length; and verbatim or non-verbatim. Some legal professionals chose software transcription because they believe that using automated transcription can save them time. They only consider the time and forgot the quality. Actually, the best deals especially the best fit for your needs can take a lot of time but still worth it in the end.

Transcription Services and Audio Transcription: How to Avoid Human Transcription Errors?

Look for a reliable and certified transcription services, that is the first thing to do. Don’t be blinded by “low rates ever” type of ads or else you’ll end up disappointing yourself. Instead, check their website and do a personal background investigation if the company has a good reputation or not.  A certified company surpassed the quality assessment and able to provide the requirements asked from them. In terms of speed, the transcription team can deal with it without sacrificing the quality of the work assigned to them. In fact, they are well-trained and skillful enough for such job.  There are companies that accept files right away through uploading them on the site’s provided space or simply click upload file. Regardless of the method of each company the only important thing is the fact that the company selected is the right one for your needs.

Some of the services of certified transcription company are the following.


  • l Arabic Transcription
  • l Russian Transcription
  • l French Transcription
  • l Spanish Transcription
  • l Japanese Transcription

To sum it all, if in need of audio transcription services choose human transcription service over machine transcription. The advantages are quite obvious especially if accuracy is the priority.

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