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Top-Notch Quality Arabic Transcription

The Importance of Expertise and Skills in Arabic Transcription Well, Arabic transcription unlike other types of transcription is a specialized one. This is because of the Arabic language involved in the process. Thus, only Arabic-speaking transcribers are given the authority to perform transcription. Different from other languages, Arabic contains distinct terminologies which are only used […]

25 May 17 vanantranscribe

Factors to Consider When Choosing an audio Transcription company

Why waste good money on poor quality audio transcription companies when you can have the best companies working for you? It is a fact that there are a lot of transcription companies out there and minds you there are a lot, from Arabic Transcription, Russian audio transcription, French transcription services, Spanish transcription services, Japanese Transcription […]

16 May 17 vanantranscribe

How to Achieve an Efficient Audio Transcription?

Audio transcription is known as the process of transcribing an audio file into written text formats. However, all aspects of transcription must be carefully performed to achieve an efficient audio transcription. For instance, certain steps should be completed to assure the accuracy of results. In most cases, improving the quality of audio transcription depends on […]

08 May 17 vanantranscribe

Why Language Transcription Makes an Impact in Industry ?

Google has stepped up machine translation by integrating neural networks to convert speech into text in the target language. Think tanks at Google Brain are developing a system that will eliminate transcription for pinpoint accuracy and quick translations. Unsurprisingly, they utilized multiple neural network layers to create software loosely patterned on the human brain to […]

27 Apr 17 vanantranscribe