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Incorporated by founding fathers who sought to render superbly excellent solutions, our company continues to feed into emerging market demands. We’ve joined forces to establish a team that provides unsurpassed quality results in every task. Given the sheer loyalty and high regard shown by our troop of clients, we aspire to rekindle their inspiration with super quality services that exceed their expectations. We pay heed to the last detail for superb quality services.

Our distinguishing traits of peerless ethos and ethics, fair prices, and optimized output dovetails with the needs of businesses. We seek to build a long-lasting relationship with two-tier flow of benefits defined by customer-oriented approaches and characterized by integrity, transparency and honesty.

Not only have we rounded up the industry’s transcription luminaries but also designed the most tranquil and productive workplaces for them. Mindful of the core role played by our human resources, we’ve designated strategic planning for the continued training, development and motivation of our transcriptionists.

Services & Rates

With access to our superb services, electronic archiving and documentation of audio or video file recordings has become highly efficient and error-less. Through our flat rates, businesses save time and resources on their administrative tasks. We serve the market’s lion share due to our wallet-friendly prices inched below prevailing rates.

Our service provides strict levels of quality assurance to get rid of typos, misspelled words or inappropriate terms. Improved accuracy, scalable options and customized solutions suitable to varying demands transform unstructured speech into readable and germane transcripts. We offer high-speed turnarounds manned by oversight managers who resolve any issues that arise midway swiftly.

Accessing our services is a breeze, load on your files on a secured server, approve generated quote and pay us cash down for our team to pitch into the task. What’s more, we’ve a vast constellation of native transcribers drawn from all global languages.

Our Benefits

A network of highly-efficient transcriptionists, no-nonsense customer care, quality control systems and in-depth command of the transcription world can meet short-term and overflow backlogs. We give clients a leading edge through economical, tailored and flexible service options. Our confluence of transcribers and proof-listeners provide hands-on expertise to allow scaling of work volumes and briskly attuning to new transcription climates. Vanan provides time-sensitive turnaround times, production objectives and quality metrics.

Transparent pricing structure
Highly skilled human transcriptionists
Steadfast client care 24/7
Adherence to ISO 9001 standards and quality level
Strict compliance with privacy and confidentiality guidelines

Sound 24/7 Client Care-We’ve Pretty of Ears Awaiting

Vanan deploys a team of experts to execute each project including hotshot transcriptionists, editors, quality auditors and a supervisory account manager who ensures optimum client success. What’s more, our clients enjoy a relentless Contact Support with customer advocates receiving phone calls or dialing call-backs, engaging customers on Live Chat 24/7. If you encounter any handicaps along the way, you can reach our customer desk for immediate assistance and service accessibility. We’ve implemented the best customer care services to provide our clients the best experience, fuss-free and quick help.

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